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Our Collection

Collections at HFI - If you have research interest in anything in our archives, contact Historic Fallsington.

Service fee $25.00 prepaid by check to Historic Fallsington, Inc. (non-refundable if no information is found).


The full collection of Historic Fallsington, Incorporated (HFI) contains some 3800 objects.The objects help us tell the stories of those who lived and worked here from the founding of the village by Quakers in the late seventeenth century to the present day. Those stories are full of rich economic, social, and political diversity. Exhibited and stored in our three historic buildings, we show how some of those individuals and families may have participated in local and regional activities typical of their respective eras using three-dimensional objects in our collection buttressed by details discovered in the HFI archives.

Research Library:

A library of books pertaining to the history of the area and its vast and rich culture and heritage with a special collection dedicated to the Colonial Domestic Arts.Access to use the library is by appointment only, so be sure to contact us [link].

Manuscript & Archives Collection:

  • Fallsington- Families

Albertson, Elizabeth- math exercise book, ca. 1839 (1 vol.).

Albertson, Elizabeth- autograph/floral album, 1844-46 (1 vol.).

Barnes and Loud Families- papers, 1790-1868 (22 items).

Breece & Croasdale Families- photographs, 1900’s (61 items).

Buckman, Edwin H. Buckman- papers, 1899 (3 vols.).

Cook, George Rea- papers, 1823-1908 (3 items).

Davis, Marion- papers, 1918-25.

Evaul, John- account book, 1790-18?? (1 vol.).

Force Family- papers, 1880-early 1900’s (8 items).

Headley Family papers, 1788-1970 (1.5’);

Hough, Jesse- papers, 1822-32 (4 items).

Hutchinson, James- letter, 1776 (1 item).

Hutchinson Family- papers, 1739-1934 (11 items).

Lucas & Lovett Families- research, 1789-1984 (43 photocopied items).

McClossey Family- papers, 1890-1901 (6 items).

Moon, Charles- notebook, 1882 (1 vol.).

Moon, Emma and allied families- papers, 1794-1934 (120 items).

Moon, Libbie- exercise book, 1875 (1 vol.).

Moon Family- account books, 1867-85 (2 vols.).

Morris, Anthony and James Pemberton- deed of gift, 1794 (1 item).

Parsons, Charles A.- papers, 1875-1932 (3 items).

Parsons, Ella Parsons- genealogy papers, 1900-28 (10 in.).

Parson and allied families- papers, 1793-1868 (8 items).

Satterthwaite, Ann- math exercise book, 1836 (1 vol.).

Satterthwaite, David- papers, 1875-80 (3 items).

Simpson Family- photographs, 1850-70 (8 items).

Story, Hannah- papers, 1881-1900 (2 items).

Watson, Louise White- papers, 1825-1944 (1 ft.).

Watson &. Kirkbride Families- photographs, 1850-1911 (10 items).


Fallsington Area Families’ papers, 1729-1872 (17 items).

Photographs of Falls Area Families and Buildings, 1860-1950 (23 items).

Photographs of Fallsington People and Places, late l9th century-1950 (7 items).

Fallsington Postcards, 1906-20 (6 items).

Fallsington Genealogy collection, 1923-69 (16 items).

  • Fallsington Friends Meeting records (1683-present):

Genealogical Records, 1683-present.

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends Minutes, 1683-1857 (copied) (1 vol.).

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends Meeting and Schools collection, 1746-1910             (typed transcript) (3 items).  

Fallsington Friends Meeting School contract, 1816 (1 item).

Falls Monthly Meeting of Friends (Orthodox) and Families deed, 1846 (4 items).

  • Fallsington- General

Bucks County Troop muster book and papers, 1863-95 (1 vol. &. 6 items).

Fallsington Upper or Lower Store account book, 1859-60 (1 vol.).

Fallsington &. Bristol deeds and legal documents, 1705-1883 (12 items).

Fallsington and Bucks County Area Maps, 1849-1974 (16 items).

Fallsington Ephemera collection, 1862-1983 (15 items).

Fallsington Miscellaneous collection, 1860-1979 (19 items).

Fallsington High School and Larue Family collection, 1903-20 (3 items).

Fallsington Rural Telephone Company papers, 1908-29 (14 items).

Moon and Kelly Store receipt book, 1846-49 (1 vol.).

Oxford School account book, 1801-1852 (1 vol.).

Penn Valley Stud Farm catalogs, 1888-1891 (2 vols.).

  • General Region

Falls Township deeds and legal documents, 1794-1927 (107 items).

Philadelphia and Bucks County Area Newspapers, 1866-1910 (6 items).

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