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Year-End Appeal 2023: Continue the HFI Legacy

We invite our devoted friends of HFI to participate in our Year End Appeal.  We need your help to Continue the HFI Legacy for the next 70 years.
Continue the HFI Legacy means that we will continue to provide engaging educational lessons that highlight the many and varied peoples that once lived and worked in the village and the surrounding region to connect the past and our modern lives.
Continue the HFI Legacy means that we will continue to plan for the always-needed preservation of the centuries-old buildings and artifacts entrusted to our care using the best possible methods. Those buildings and objects are imperative for us to share a meaningful story with our visitors and it is our goal to preserve them for future generations.
Please help us Continue the HFI Legacy and our important work of studying and preserving Fallsington along with its rich and diverse history.  As sociologist C. Wright Mills stated, “Neither the life of an individual nor the history of a society can be understood without understanding both.”  
We embrace this sentiment in all that we do and hope it inspires you to Continue the HFI Legacy by contributing to our Year End Appeal. Any amount is always appreciated, and it only takes a moment to print and postmark the  form with your contribution before December 31st.
Thank you for being a vital partner in our mission of education and preservation.  May this season bring you hope and joy and may your new year be filled with history, happiness, and good health!

Robert L. B. Harman                                    Kimberly D. Praria 
President of the Board of Trustees           Executive Director


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